How to Change 5 Day Workweek to 7 Day Workweek calendar but keep Project Finish Date unchanged in Primavera P6

After 3 months of hard working, we finish a schedule with 5 Day Workweek calendar like picture: Then the Construction team said that "06-Mar-18 is the right Project finish date, but we're talking about 7 Day Workweek, not 5 Day Workweek. Sorry pal, it must be a misunderstanding." What the he**? Changing Activity calendar will... Continue Reading →

Can not filter on Start or Finish date

You have a very simple project. You want to show only activity which finish on 25-Jan-16. As usual, you create an filter like this: Then... SURPRISE. It's a blank screen. A big "WHY" question. To answer this question. You need to show the time of activity by going to Edit -> User Preferences -> Dates... Continue Reading →

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